While witopia is cheap, they have occasionally had their IP's banned from some of the major services like hulu. Proxpn is pretty new and they also offer a free version :) As for something similar in Germany, the answer simply is that it doesn't exist as they would rather make money through syndication than direct sales here (my theory btw).

Tue, Nov 3rd 2009 4:30pm — Mike Masnick I mentioned recently that, for some idiotic reason, Hulu has stopped letting me view any of its content. That's because I use WiTopia's VPN service for Jan 04, 2020 · WiTopia doesn’t invest much in user experience since even choosing a subscription plan is like a trip to the past. Their shop is cluttered with VPN plans and hardware offerings, which make it confusing to navigate. There is no free trial on offer, but a 30-day money-back guarantee is supposed to remedy your doubts. Except for it doesn’t. Before you learn how to fix Hulu proxy error, you may probably want to know the reasons why you are getting the message. For starters, Hulu is a US-based streaming service which is why the service isn’t available anywhere outside the US. If you try to watch Hulu from outside the US, you will be barred from accessing its content. WiTopia geeft toegang tot IP adressen uit zowel Amerika als Engeland en andere landen. Daarmee is niet alleen Hulu beschikbaar maar ook de iPlayer van de BBC. Het activeren van een IP adres vind plaats met een software tool beschikbaar voor Windows en Mac en werkt uiterst gemakkelijk.

Dec 03, 2009

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Apr 28, 2020 · Hulu’s VPN ban is even more advanced than Netflix’s firewall. A VPN, or virtual private network, encrypts all the internet traffic heading to and from your computer and routes it through a server in a location of your choosing. This can make it appear to Hulu as though you are located in the United States, which gives you access to all the