Port 49000 - 50000. Port 123. Ports those registered with IANA are shown as official ports. The same port number may be unofficialy used by various services or applications. The official usage are listed separately below its usage may change from time to time. Official. Port. Protocol (TCP/UDP) Title.

Re: Opening UDP port 123 Thanks for the info. At this point, I don't think it's a problem with the firewall blocking any ports, as this hasn't been a problem in the past and at … UDP Port 123 Blocked, Telo works. All OK? - Ooma Forums May 31, 2014 How to allow timesync over UDP port 123 (SNTP) and TCP Sep 14, 2009 How to check UDP port status open or not. - Open Port

The second rule allows access to port 1194 and 123 via UDP (if you're deploying to Azure China 21Vianet, you might require more). Both these rules will only allow traffic destined to the Azure Region CIDR that we're using, in this case East US.

Test connection to udp Port using telnet command Jul 21, 2016 Nmap scan specific udp port – Linux Hint Contrary to the open|filtered, the open result means the specified port sent a response. To use Nmap to scan a specific port use the -p flag to define the port followed by the -sU flag to enable UDP scan before specifying the target, to scan LinuxHint for the 123 UDP NTP port run: # nmap -p 123 …

UDP Port 123 Blocked, Telo works. All OK? - Ooma Forums

4G LTE CellSpot setup & help | T-Mobile Support UDP ports. For the 4G LTE CellSpot to work, UDP ports 123, 500, and 4500 must be open. Contact your Internet provider (ISP) to ask if these ports are blocked. If these are blocked, you must ask your ISP to open these ports. No port forwarding is needed. These ports are used for: UDP 123: Syncing clocks How Do I Open a Port on Windows Firewall? Nov 15, 2018