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To quickly outline: configuring this at the router level means typing your router’s IP address, looking for the DNS settings, and using the above IP addresses instead of the default. Configuring this on your device is generally done in network settings, but where precisely that is depends on your device; again, this guide is worth checking out. Internet Content Filtering Using DNS : 10 Steps Changing the DNS settings on Android and Apple mobile devices is a slightly longer process as both of these device types can connect to the internet through both wifi or through cellular networks. The steps below outline how the DNS settings can be changed for wifi networks on these devices. A. Apple: Go to Settings, then Wifi. Configure Norton Security - Creative Technology After the CTI Navigator Update completes, maximize the Norton Settings screen Click on the bar-icon beside Auto-Protect to switch it from "Off" back to "On" Click the OK button at the bottom of the screen. In Norton Antivirus 2012 you also have the option to customize exclusions to (rather than disable) auto-protection as follows:

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Verify the change by typing ipconfig /all at a command prompt and make sure the DNS servers show the new settings (You can also visit the Norton DNS verification page). The final word The beta

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