Virgin forward all DNS traffic to two IPs ( and which are most likely load balancers for a much larger number of localised DNS servers. My theory is that the DNS servers providing our area are FUBARD and it's causing DNS and other connection requests to take a lot longer than they should, causing timeouts and failed

[SOLVED] Cannot Access Internet :( DNS Issues! - Spiceworks 2014-9-16 BT Broadband customers hit by connection problems due to 2016-7-20 · BT broadband customers across the UK are reporting problems accessing websites today. The ISP is aware of the issue and is currently working to … DNS, Routing, Issue :: BT Broadband :: think broadband Browsing speed - fine using BT default DNS Up/Down speeds and throughput - normal Latency - Normal Thanks. Well, my post has had 56 reads now with nobody saying they have problems. I always view the Forum posts with caution (!) so I'd better look a bit closer to home. Thanks, John. AWS Service Health Dashboard - Jul 24, 2020 PDT

Solved: We are having strange issue with latest anyconnect client versions (4.3 and 4.2), please let me know if anyone is having similar issues and known fixes. Symptoms: User can't access web base applications and unable to resolve DNS. Further

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2020-7-16 · In the screen shot I have added one of the DNS servers from open DNS They also provide a secondary server The second address I have used is from Google who also provide a freely available public DNS service. They also provide two servers and You could also use the DNS server values provided by