On Windows, the X509Store class is a representation of the Windows Certificate Store APIs. Those APIs work the same in.NET Core and.NET 5 as they do in.NET Framework. On Linux, the X509Store class is a projection of system trust decisions (read-only), user trust …

LinuxKernelCryptoAPImanual - Fedora LinuxKernelCryptoAPImanual,Release4.13.0-rc4+ –skcipherforsymmetrickeyciphers –cipherforsingleblockciphersthatmaybeusedwithanadditionaltemplate –shashforsynchronousmessagedigest –ahashforasynchronousmessagedigest –aeadforAEADciphertype –compressionforcompressiontypetransformations –rngforrandomnumbergenerator … GitHub - open-quantum-safe/liboqs: C library for quantum a common API for these algorithms a test harness and benchmarking routines liboqs is part of the Open Quantum Safe (OQS) project led by Douglas Stebila and Michele Mosca , which aims to develop and integrate into applications quantum-safe cryptography to … The Linux Crypto API: Exending and Using (RU) | Henadzi Feb 07, 2018

Welcome to The Linux Kernel’s documentation!¶ Contents: Linux Kernel Crypto API. Kernel Crypto API Interface Specification; Kernel Crypto API Architecture

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Qt Cryptographic Architecture v.1.0 / 2.0.0 Bet Qt Cryptographic Architecture aims to provide a straightforward and cross-platform crypto API. Transparent Cryptographic File System v.0.3 TCFS4 is a new version of a network filesystem that provides transparent cryptography for the end-user, and compatibility with NFS server V3.