I have yet to receive the invoices or I haven't receive

大量翻译例句关于"i have yet to receive" – 英中词典以及8百万条中文译文例句搜索。 363. 为进一步追查这一调查线索,监察组请埃及当局提供有关封 锁 此类走 私活动的其他细节,包括说明关于埃及部队在 2010 年 3 月袭击了一个车队的 媒体报道,298 但在提交这份报告时还未收到答复。 have yet to ~ | 例文で覚える英文法 Women have yet to achieve full equality in the workplace. 女性はまだ職場で完全な平等を獲得していない。 I have yet to hear the story. 私はまだその話は聞いていない。 The budget has yet to receive congressional approval. 予算はまだ議会の承認を受けていない。 yet to receive | English examples in context | Ludwig 2020-7-2 · They have yet to receive any. The New York Times. 4. We are yet to receive a reply. Independent. 5. He has yet to receive their response. The Guardian - Lifestyle. 6. They are yet to receive interpreters. The New York Times. 7. He has yet to receive a reply. The Guardian. 8 (She has yet to receive her grade). We Have (Yet To Receive)? - EnglishForums.com

Have yet to receive a stimulus payment? There’s a new way

have not received / didn't receive | The Grammar Exchange 2009-9-15 怎样写第一封催款信?: I am writing to remind … 2011-7-8 · I am writing to remind you that you have not settled our invoice #_____ for $_____. It has been two months now since we delivered your garments, and we have yet to receive your payment for $1,890.50. We would like to remind you that payment of your account at Metro Mart is past due.

2020-6-23 · Beneficiaries of the government’s Social Amelioration Program for drivers in Central Visayas have yet to receive their cash assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

TACLOBAN CITY - More than 17,800 people in Eastern Visayas have yet to receive financial assistance under the government’s social amelioration program (SAP). Based on the records of the Unemployment payment delays still plague state agencies 2020-7-13 · Four months into the worst recession since the Great Depression, tens of thousands of workers like Herdez across the country have filed for jobless claims but have yet to receive … have not received / didn't receive | The Grammar Exchange 2009-9-15