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May 16, 2020 Best DNS For Gaming (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Wii, 3DS DNS Servers – A Quick Definition and Some Examples. DNS stands for Domain Name System and in short it is a system which maps website names (eg. to their actual IP address (eg. ). As such it allows you to navigate to websites by typing in their actual name and not a long difficult to remember IP address. 15 Best Free And Public DNS Servers List (July 2020) Jul 17, 2020 8 Best DNS Servers For Speed, Stability, and Security Here are some of the free and public DNS servers that are safer and faster than your regular ISP’s DNS server. Read: Best DNS Benchmarking Tools To Find the Fastest DNS Server. Best DNS Servers To Try in 2019 1. Google Public DNS. Though Google provides a ton …

Top 5 DNS servers 1. Google DNS Server. Well, the mega tech giant offers this service too. The Google DNS server is one of the most trusted and accepted DNS servers all over the globe. Serving more than a million gamers, the company assures your security and privacy. Google has made sure to provide lag free and smooth gaming experience to its

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