How to speed up Dropbox syncing. With the beta desktop app, you'll no longer have to wait for a file to finish uploading before your computer will download it.

You can use the Dropbox desktop application to make camera uploads faster. Enabling camera uploads from the desktop app means your photos and videos will upload whenever you plug your mobile device into your computer. This should also increase your upload speeds. Limit Dropbox Download / Upload Speed to Save on Bandwidth Mar 11, 2012 Who is at fault for slow Dropbox speeds? : dropbox I have been using Dropbox for years and have always been able to upload at my full upload speed, my ISP is optimum online. My upload speed had dropped to 8 Megabits- normally it uploads at 35. Speedtests show that my connection is fine 150 download 40 upload. I am not the only video production professional who has experienced the same..

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Increase the amount of CPU power, your client can use, especially if you’re away. The ideal amount of CPU processing power to give big data backups and restorations — should be around 90-95%.

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