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How to Block and Unblock Programs in Windows Firewall Steps to Block or Unblock Programs in Windows Firewall. Follow the steps below to Block or Unblock Programs in Windows Firewall. 1. Open the Control Panel on your computer. 2. On the Control Panel screen, make sure that you are in “Category” View and click on System and Security option. 3. How to Bypass Blocked Websites at School (Easy and Quick) Dec 19, 2017

A guide on how to unblock games and websites at school

May 09, 2017 How To Unblock Websites Blocked By Administrator On Chrome

21/08/2019 · Unblock Minecraft at School or Work — Downloading Minecraft. There are dozens of ways to block Minecraft on a computer or network, ranging from DNS filtering to port blocking. All have their strengths and weaknesses. If an administrator wants to prevent Minecraft access on the network, one common method is to simply prevent users from

Wow, I feel bad for you because none of the other answers actually said something useful. You want to unblock sites? I have 4 ways. Firstly, is it an extension that is blocking you?