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Jun 10, 2014 Why Am I Getting a "Delivery Status Notification (Delay Jan 28, 2016 Delivery Status Notification (Delay) - Gmail Community Delivery Status Notification (Delay) 2 Recommended Answers 33 Replies 38 Upvotes. I am receiving emails but most end up having the following screenshot attached to the bottom of the original email, or replace the original email altogether. The mention in there of push.boxcar leads me to believe it is something to do with push notifications I Delivery Status Notification (Delay) issues. - Gmail Community

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Mail Delivery Subsystem -Delivery Status Notification (Delay)

There are several delivery notification options, you can request when sending a massage: DeliveryNotificationOptions.None – No notification information will be sent. The mail server will utilize its configured behavior to determine whether it should generate a delivery notification. Usually notification is send when failure or delay occurs.

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