Re: cannot ping to router? DMZ are simple as pointing to device you want place except you will need to have static ip outside the dhcp range of the router or use under the lan setup look at address reservation and specify the ip within the dhcp range Then you can point in DMZ field to ip you choose to use

May 30, 2015 Ping and Tracert - AR Router Troubleshooting Guide - Huawei May 12, 2020 Solved: Cannot connect to Google or other Google products I tried to restart the router one last time, and it went back to not working. I tried ping in the command line and it pinged successfully. However, I cannot connect to the site in the browser. Neither on Windows 10, nor on Mac, nor on iPhone (that's all the devices I own). Can't ping my router - Linksys Community

Can ping router, but cannot ping or connect to WAN - MikroTik

The thing is I cannot ping my modem IP from the internet much less try to establish a connection with my computer. Can my ISP be preventing this? Is there a way to get around this. New Windows Server 2016 Machine can't ping or be pinged However, when I try to ping the router from the new server ( it responds. It also responds if I ping Have tried switching off the Windows Firewall on the local network - to no avail. Can anyone suggest why my server can ping the router, but cannot ping, or be pinged, by any hosts on the same LAN subnet? Thanks in

Also, while I can ping, I can't ping, even after adding it in the interfaces file. nsloopup isn't working either, it times out. ip route . default via dev em1 dev em1 proto kernel scope link src edit 2 . spelling error, now I can ping google :D

If you cannot ping your router but connected to it, the issue is more on the router than the firewalls on your machine. Normally firewall would not block the sending machine from sending out the packets. Some routers have firewall features called Block Ping from WAN. Check your router. Hope this helps. One thing you can do, is not use that ip on any machine. Then periodically try to ping that ip and if it responds check the arp table on your computer for the MAC that relates to that ip. Then go Oct 23, 2011 · We have 2 wired and 5 wireless devices connected to the Modem/Router (2Wire 3801HGV). The problem is that I cannot access any devices on the LAN with a ping or via the browser using the devices IP address. I have a firewall pinhole setup for one of the devices and I can access it from the outside world. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Thanks After some changes I am able to ping my router and Another problem I had was my router's gateway was actually, I forgot because I'm used to For some reason though I have to assign a temporary IP via command line, shouldn't that file do that automatically? Hi there, I just factory-reset my hexLite 750r2 router and patched it with the latest patch But now I have a problem, I can ping the router ( and use WinBox to connect to it from my PC (, but now I cannot browse the internet nor ping outside IP (e.g. 8.8.8,8), it shows "timeout" and unable to resolve DNS.