Find out more about Family on PSN before you begin, so you can create the right set up for your family. New PS4 users If you’re using your PS4 system for the first time, you’ll need to set up a local user on the PS4 system and create an account as the family …

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Offical How to Make a JPN/UK/US PSN Account - PlayStation

Creating New PSN account,, - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot You don't have to change any settings on the PS3. just go do what you would normally do. create a new user (all the way to the left on the XMB) and then login on that, then go create a new PSN

Family managers can set limits on when, and for how long, each child can play on PS4. Play time controls work alongside system restrictions and family management settings to help you manage your child’s PlayStation experience. Before you can set play time controls: You need an account for PlayStation™Network.

PS3: Create and Manage Accounts on the PlayStation Network From the XMB, go to [PlayStation™Network] and sign in to your account. Go to [PlayStation™Network] > [Account Management] and press the X button. Highlight [Account Information] and press the X button. Select [Sign-In ID (E-mail Address)] and press the X button. How to Update Personal Information on Your Account on PSN