Open an Alert in your System Monitor to Track Free Disk Space. 1. Click on Start, point your arrow to Administrative Tools, and then click on analytics or Performance. 2. Enlarge the operation Logs and Alerts. 3. Click on new settings by right-clicking the alerts option. 4. Input a name for the alert in the new alert setting box (e.g., press

Configuring Windows Performance Monitor to Capture Disk I Jul 15, 2016 Monitor file access by Linux processes - Linux Audit As a system administrator or IT auditor, you might want to know at some point what disk activity occurs in a process. In this article, we have a look at a few options to quickly reveal what is occuring in a process, including disk and file activity. Monitor syscalls. The kernel uses system calls, or syscalls for short.

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.net - Monitor disk activity programmatically (Windows In Windows 2008R2, in Resource Monitor in the Disk Activity section I can see the number of bytes read from/written into files. How can I do this in a programmatic manner, preferably using C# (or Win32 API)? I have looked into WMI and various performance counters, however I cannot figure out if there is something which suits my needs. Troubleshooting WMI | LogicMonitor Overview of WMI Access Permissions. Note: A Windows Collector must be used in order to monitor Windows hosts. The LogicMonitor Collector primarily uses WMI to monitor Windows servers (e.g. CPU, memory, disks, etc.). Most issues with the Windows task collection are the result of permission restrictions when the Collector machine attempts to query your hosts for data.

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PassMark DiskCheckup - SMART hard drive monitoring utility Feb 03, 2017 Drives Monitor - visualize physical or logical disk activity