Re: Can I use 2 N300 extenders on the same network? 5 GHz has less range than 2.4 GHz. It's possible that the extender is too far from the R7000 to get a clean 5 GHz signal.

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Yes, you can use 2 extenders with a few caveats. Do not wirelessly connect one extender to another. Performance for the second extender will usually be unsatisfactory. Therefore, each extender should connect to the main router. Both extenders should not broadcast the same SSID as the main router.

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Yes, you can associate all the handsets to the one base station, you could run the 2 base stations connected as long as there is not a conflict with any answering machines set up. The only issue you would have with 2 base stations connected you would not be able to transfer calls or make intercom calls between handsets on different base stations.