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Power On Your WD My Cloud. The next step in the WD My Cloud setup is to power on the device. Turn on the hard drive. You'll see the power light blink on as it runs through its internal startup. After a few moments, the light will stop blinking and remain constantly on. This means you're ready to continue with the setup. Creating the Cloud Network Western Digital My Cloud Home 2TB Setup The My Cloud will boot up now, and this will take some time. Once the boot up is done, the LED lights will turn on. Next, open a new web browser and go to the manufacturer’s site. Select the My Cloud product from the main screen. Click the Download Setup Software option. Next, double-click the downloaded file and install the WD My Cloud setup Download wd my cloud setup exe for free (Windows)

Obtaining Customer Support Common Tasks Use the WD My Cloud EX2 dashboard to configure settings and to manage the device as you prefer. For example, you can set up user accounts and restrict access to the files on your WD My Cloud EX2 device, set up folders for storing files, enable remote access, and customize the device to suit your needs.

Anyway to configure/install WD MyCloud with Emby server? If not, any future plans to support it? I am planning to purchase one (WD My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Storage) real soon to use it across my home network, so want to make sure I will be covered there

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2020-6-8 What is WD Cloud web access? WD Cloud OS - Director of your digital life WD Cloud OS is packed with powerful tools and apps that work behind the scenes to ensure your cherished content is beautifully organized where you want it, so you can enjoy everything you love anytime, from any place. Turn WD MyCloud into a NextCloud Box - support - … 2017-1-3 · I have a WD MyCloud 2TB NAS WDBCTL0020HWT-EESN running BusyBox Linux v1.20.2 and as I am getting a lot of sync errors I would like to flush the BusyBox and replace it with Ubuntu and install NextCloud on it. Is it possible to download the iso that is used in the NextCloud Box’s sd card and install such on the WD My Cloud drive remotely?